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Crystal J.

Crystal J., prophetic psalmist, worship servant, and teacher of the word of God was born July 19, 1982. Crystal began to realize her gift of singing at the age 5. She knew that God had implanted a massive gift within her, but was unsure of how to fully express it in the earth realm. She began using her gift in choir from elementary throughout high school. Crystal’s passion for gospel music was inspired by many artists such as Psalmist Raine, Miranda Curtis, Todd Dulaney, and Pastor David Wilford of All Nations Chicago West. Throughout the years, Crystal has been highly involved with ministry and leading praise and worship at several churches from time to time. In 2014, God took Crystal through a transitional period where he began to reveal her identity and the audience she was called to. It was the shattered ones, those who saw themselves as beyond the point of repair. Being that she could heavily relate to this kind of people, God showed her that the grace of God was the answer to reconciliation and reparation. She released her first single Your Grace in May 2017 which she dedicated to her late sister Tracey Crum and her current EP Great Is Our God in November 2021. She’s hosted worship workshops on The Fundamentals of Worship where she invited singers and musicians to engage in in-depth teachings and open discussions on the authenticity of worship. She currently serves on the praise and worship team with a group of leaders at The Purpose Church in Pleasant Grove, Alabama under the leadership of Pastor Andrea Lynn Gates. Crystal believes that worship gives us direct access to the heart of God! Her desire is to birth music in the earth that transforms and heals. Therefore she is sold out to expressing and revealing the heart of God through worship and remains open to whatever God desires from her throughout the course of her life.


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